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Advice from K. Littlejohn

By June 19, 2014BowTie Fun

Processed with RookieIf you are in question of how you can start your new transformation, I have found two ways proven to work.

1.) Change your dress, clothing, apparel. Find a style that fits and define your new idea of what you represent. Clothing has a tremendous amount of influence upon our thoughts and actions. It represents our inter-most being and what we think of ourself.

2.) Change your environment. Travel! Travel, is as simple as taking a different route to school, work, or shopping. Look up, down, and around, charging yourself to view things differently with a new idea, question, and perspective.

Folks these two things we have control of, with no money down. They are powerful tools to aid us in the frame work of building better you, a better us. We must create an environment of growth and prosperity with GOD at the helm. So as we nurture our new beginnings grab a cause too… Live, Love, Serve!

– K. Littlejohn




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