In early 2011, the Mullen Alumni Council contacted Mr. Dhani Jones and BowTie Cause and thus the journey of telling the Mullen Story began in a BowTie. We are a school with a deep and rich history. From our humble beginnings as a dairy farm and school for orphan boys, to the addition of girls in 1989, to the proud Mustangs we are today, our story is a unique tapestry blending 81 years of success, struggle, victory, and Lasallian tradition.

Taking 81 years of history and molding it into one BowTie proved to be a challenge. Like any of the Mustangs before us, we were up for the challenge. The Mullen Alumni Association, under the tutelage of member and long time educator, Tim Schmeckpeper, got to work. Chatting with alumni of all generations, current students, faculty, and Mullen educators, an idea was born.

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