The issue of sex trafficking is dark and horrible. Young girls and women around the world are being exploited, abused, and raped for profit. But this is not the end of the story. For the fortunate, they have been rescued from this horrible atrocity. Yet, rescue is not enough. These survivors have endured exploitation, sexual violence, trauma, and loss; the loss of their innocence, their identity, their future, and their dreams. This is where Transitions comes in.

Transitions provides hope and healing through the power of a dream. The organization takes young girls that have been sexually trafficked and help them rediscover themselves, find their strength, and aspire to a new and promising future. Transitions is a world leader in empowering survivors of sex trafficking. Through innovative and holistic programs, Transitions operates long-term residential treatment programs for girls 13-18 years old that provide a new home, trauma therapy, social work support, life skills, education, job training, reintegration services, and much more.

Human trafficking is a crime that affects millions of girls and women each year around the world. This multi-billion dollar industry has crushed the lives of these young women and there is a tremendous need for experienced and skilled organizations to help these victims find safety, stability, healing, and hope for their futures.

Transitions Global exists to transform the lives of victims to survivors to empowered women in society. Transitions’ professional and cutting edge program has changed lives and has less than a 10% recidivism.

The organization’s symbol is the lotus flower – it’s a part of their logo – and it has deep meaning. The lotus flower grows in harsh conditions – beating sun, heat, humidity, murky, muddy water, surrounded by obstacles and predators. The lotus flower fights to emerge as a strong and beautiful flower that stands out to others as a survivor; thriving in spite of its harsh conditions.

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