The seed for the Village Life Outreach Project (VLOP) was planted on a trip to rural Tanzania, East Africa, taken by Dr. Christopher Lew in May 2003 as a part of his global health training for the University of Cincinnati.  While there, Dr. Lewis all too often witnessed villagers being carried in from the outlying villages, having died while trying to make the arduous journey to the Shirati Hospital for help.

VLOP was thus born of a desire to partner with communities in the Shirati region of Tanzania to improve conditions of Life, Health and Education, while bringing lessons learned in Africa back home to our own communities.

Now in our tenth year, we are looking to not only celebrate our past triumphs (such as water purification systems, distribution of mosquito nets, combating malnutrition through a school lunch program and the crowing achievement that is the Roche Health Center), but also to focus on the future growth and potential of our organization by engaging the community, both at home and abroad.

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