With nearly 45% of recent college graduates unemployed or underemployed, The Space at Wofford College is changing education by giving students of all majors real-world experiences in consulting, in starting their own businesses or social entrepreneurship projects, and in professional readiness to give them a world-class education and the skills employers want.

Wofford College is a small, private, liberal arts college in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Wofford doesn’t have a business school or a law school. Wofford doesn’t have a medical school. What Wofford offers students is the opportunity to spend four years learning something they love; whether it’s art history, religion, math, philosophy, or French. Wofford believes that a broad liberal arts foundation is going to make these students better business leaders, better lawyers, and better doctors.

While Wofford College students are studying what they love, they come to The Space to learn how to take the communication, research, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills learned in the classroom (the theoretical) and apply them in a real-world setting (the practical).

The Space at Wofford College bridges the space between the theoretical and the practical.

The result? Students who participate in these programs have as much as an 18- to 24-month advantage over other recent college graduates. Their resumes show that they’ve not only learned things at Wofford, but they’ve also done things. They leave Wofford understanding the professional world and how they can immediately contribute to it. Religion majors become consultants. Art history majors start their own businesses.

A 2013 survey by the American Association of Colleges and Universities showed that 75% of employers want to hire graduates who have applied their knowledge in a real-world setting and Wofford is preparing those new hires every day in The Space.

For more information about Wofford College, please visit wofford.edu/thespace.