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In a world that can leave people isolated, Dignity Health Foundation is helping to unleash the healing power of humanity. An act of humanity can be an act of heroism, big or small. In contrast, kinds is more personal, but equally powerful. It’s an act in which one person creates a connection with another, which strengthens them both. And these human connections can work wonders for the human spirit.

At Dignity Health Foundation, we believe these two pillars of humanity and kindness are the yin and yang of healing: powerful alone, but better together.

Clearly, “Hello humankindness” is more than a tagline for us; but rather an awakening of the human spirit.

Support from the “Hello humankindness” scarf will go to the Dignity Health Foundation Community Health Fund. This fund provides vital resources in our local communities for vulnerable populations. These resources keep local communities healthier, happier, and loving longer.

Show your humankindness today by supporting the cause.

Proceeds benefit the Dignity Health Foundation.

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  • 100% printed silk
  • Dry clean only
  • Size: 72″ x 19″

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