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The Galloping Pig + Gen-1 House

If you haven’t already heard, The Galloping Pig polo event held by our BowTie Foundation is coming back again on August 16th, consider this a PSA!



Mr. “BowTie” Dhani Jones on a horse!


WHAT:  Second Annual Polo Event

WHERE:  Wilshire Farm, home of the Cincinnati Polo Club

WHEN:  August 16th 11:30am-4:30pm

WHY:  To generate funds for BowTie Foundation, a local community fund that takes great pride in supporting underprivileged youth.  This year’s proceeds benefit Soteni International and the University of Cincinnati’s GEN-1 Theme House.

What is GEN-1?


The Gen-1 Theme House is an off-campus residence designed to provide first-year, first-generation students with the support needed to make a successful transition from high school to college.

The Gen-1 Theme House provides a 24/7 structured living and learning environment, as well as tutoring and mentoring support. The house has a full-time program coordinator, as well as a graduate assistant, who live at the home and serve as mentor/advisors.

Program supports include mentoring, individual and small-group tutoring, voluntary and mandatory study sessions, frequent monitoring of student academic performance and social activities and professional counseling and guidance. The course yields one credit hour per quarter.

Why GEN-1 with BowTie Foundation?

BowTie Foundation strives to support underprivileged youth and GEN-1’s mission is tied specifically to that effort.

Join us for a fine day of polo and support the collaboration of these two wonderful programs.

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