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A BowTie Guy

By March 12, 2013Latest from BowTie

We come from the belief that when a person puts on {aka ‘rocks’} a bowtie, a certain something, comes over them.  It could be confidence, pride, independence, individuality — a litany of things really!  We are constantly meeting self-proclaimed BowTie Guys and there are a few things that every BowTie Guy has:

  1. A Passport —- A Bowtie Guy loves traveling.  Get a passport!
  2. Curiosity —- “What is the ideal temperature for drinking coffee?” – Do you think that’s random?  Its not to a BowTie guy.
  3. A Cause —- Do you have one? Learn about some amazing causes here!

As we continue to meet — and convert BowTie guys, more characteristics emerge! Do you have a suggestion of Defining BowTie traits?!  We’re all ears!

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