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A BowTie Summer

By June 26, 2013Latest from BowTie

It is no secret, that most people love Summer.

The anticipation of vacations, swimming pools, barbecues, and cold drinks lures us out of hibernation!

There are more parties, more opportunities to mingle and engage with people.  In reality, Summer is a chance to create first impressions and what better way to do that than, you guessed it, rockin’ a BowTie?!

Yes, we know that sometimes a BowTie can come off more ‘together’ than you’d like for an outdoor soiree.  But never fear, a rolled sleeve here and a pair of shorts there…BOOM..you have yourself a fail-safe Summertime look, sure to make a lasting impression!

Pick up a few BowTies that are sure to spruce up your bright whites!


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