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A Personal Mission

This is one of the reasons we are continually propelled to amplifying the causes our partners represent: 

I made an order and it’s for my dad who is at his second time with lymphoma. I bought the lymphoma bow tie and I accidentally forgot to change the shipping order to the fastest because I wanted to wear it for my dad this Saturday while I’m at prom. If I can do anything to change it or get it here faster I’m willing to pay whatever it is to get it here faster. Thank you very much I love your website and I think it’s a great thing to do.  – Joseph Ross


I will make this happen.  You should receive the BowTie on Thursday.  The only additional cost to you would be for you to provide a picture of you rockin’ your BowTies for your Dad.  I hope that works for you.

I’ll send you a tracking number this evening.


This is honestly almost bringing me to tears the fact that I get to do this for him thanks to you! I feel truly blessed right now. I can’t thank you enough  – Joseph Ross


What story do you tell through your BowTie?  Who are you supporting by rockin’ a BowTie Cause BowTie?  Share your story with us, just like Joseph! 


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