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A Small Gift. A Big Impact.

Ever so often, we receive stories of how a BowTie Cause BowTie has affected an individuals mood and outlook.  This particular story, touched us so deeply, we felt compelled to share!

A letter from Meredith Randolph a Wine Down Wednesday for Oyler Committee Member:

I am in Minneapolis at our headquarters. As you know, we gave BowTies to the WDW sponsors, but I hadn’t had a chance to send one to my COO Jim yet. Well, our Facilities Manager, Dom, is from Lifeworks, a group very similar to Starfire.  Every Friday, he wears a bowtie because our office is super casual and he thinks we should all look good on Fridays.  So, Jim and I decided we’d present Dom with the bow tie during the all company meeting this morning, instead of giving it to one of our execs. 

I got up, gave a quick speech about WDW and Bow Tie Cause, and then said something like “Jim and I decided that no one in this office rocks a bow tie better than Dom, so we’re presenting this fancy one to him today.”

His face LIT UP and he came up to accept it and started crying; he could barely say thank you.  He was in a tshirt, so Jim went and got him a button down shirt, and we got the shirt and bow tie on him. He is now walking around the office, showing everyone, and saying it’s the best day of his life. And now I am tearing up, seeing how incredibly happy he is. 

WP_20140822_001See, bow ties really do make a difference! :) 


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