Who is a BowTie Ambassador?

A BowTie Ambassador does not simply make a statement, they are a statement. Their actions, beliefs and character speak to the things they stand for. A BowTie Ambassador rocks BowTies because of what they represent — not just because they’re cool. A BowTie Ambassador is a leader, an influencer, a catalyst for conversation and change.

Meet some of our BowTie Ambassadors

Ken Rosenthal

Senior MLB Writer, FOXSports.com

Ken Rosenthal is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America and has been FOXSports.com’s Senior MLB Writer since August 2005. He appears on MLB on FOX, and MLB Network on FoxSports1.

Ken rocks the BowTie for one reason and one reason only: To raise awareness for the organizations with which BowTie Cause is partnered. Ken uses his BowTies as conversation catalysts during the MLB On FOX’s Game of the Week, encouraging fans of the MLB to join the movement and rock the BowTie for any and all organizations they support.

Larry Burns

Vice President of Advancemet, University of Akron

Larry Burns, Vice President of Advancement at the University of Akron, is an avid BowTie rocker. Prior to his position in Akron, Larry, the University of Toledo Men’s Basketball organization and UT Men’s Basketball fans alike, have become BowTie rockers through the University of Toledo’s annual “Tie One On” men’s basketball game.

It is through tying on a BowTie Cause BowTie that Larry helps fight to find a cure for cancer by supporting the Dana Cancer Center. Larry not only acts as an advocate within the BowTie Cause community, but the Northern Ohio community as well.

Kunta Littlejohn

Chief Inspiration Officer, BowTie Cause

Kunta Littlejohn and Dhani Jones became friends in their high school years. Their friendship remained strong throughout their time in college and beyond. When the New York Giants drafted Dhani into the NFL, Kunta challenged him saying, “If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock the BowTie.”

At first, Dhani found this statement of Kunta’s foolish and wrote it off. Upon Kunta’s diagnosis with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, however, Dhani immediately started rockin’ the BowTie in silent support of Kunta and he hasn’t taken the BowTie off since.

Nearly 14 years after his diagnosis, Kunta, the BowTie Cause Chief Inspiration Officer, is in remission and still challenges others to make a positive impact by rocking a BowTie Cause BowTie.