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By April 24, 2013Latest from BowTie

Tying a BowTie is hard.  Yes, we know.  It takes skill, dexterity and patience — and a lot of it!  Many are the men who, on their first tying attempt, failed miserably and gave up on the ‘great BowTie’, only to come back minutes later perfecting their glorious knot.

Difficult as it may be, there is no excuse for we gentlemen to take the easy route, by way of the {perverse} ‘clip on’!

There are a multitude of BowTie-ing video tutorials assisting us throughout our BowTie-ing tutelage!  And even if your BowTie skills aren’t flawless…who will come to your aide to fix it?! A lovely lady, of course!  Either way, you win!

Have you run into a fellow BowTie wearer and weren’t sure if their perfect knots were self-made or manufactured?  Here are a few tips to spot a faux BowTie:

  • A clip-on wearer won’t adjust the “bows” of their Faux-Tie. Why would they?  They don’t need to “tighten” something that’s only hanging on by a clip!
  • The BowTie looks like it was starched — Self-tied BowTies and those who rock them are never stiff!
  • Not as confident and outspoken – they know their ‘Faux’ Tie is a mockery of all the BowTie stands for!
  • They try to up the ante on everything else they were so no one notices their clip-on!
  • The BowTie knot is too perfect — there’s something to be said about an effortlessly tied BowTie. Its carefree and is perfectly imperfect.  The same cannot be said for the manufactured counterparts.

Turn on your “BOWTIEDAR” friends!  Be on the look out for the clip-on…unless you come across a two-year old.  They get a pass.


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