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Describing a “Gentleman” in three words…

By August 29, 2012Latest from BowTie

As many people know, BowTie Cause is an organization that supports & promotes different causes around the nation through design and creation of BowTies.  We’ve been fortunate to work with over 70 non-profits and look forward to working with many more going forward.

To compliment BowTie Cause, we will be launching BowTie Foundation in the near future, and we are in constant discussion about its role for whom it may serve.  We believe the BowTie has the ability to not only be a catalyst for conversation but also a piece to promote the “re-establishment of the gentleman” with a focus on education.

We definitely enjoy seeing all the feedback on twitter and will continue to use it as a great forum to ask questions that provide great insight.  When Dhani asks questions, I can promise we definitely read all responses and this was no different.

Therefore, Dhani posed this question last week on twitter: “In three words, how would you describe a gentleman?”

Here are some of the responses:

@BrandonDeans – Well mannered man

@MoneyPaula – Quiet confidence, manners

@AmeriArmadillo – masterful, artful, elegant

@Janell_ – Chivalrous, honorable, humble

@TwoSevenStreet – man whose gentle

@Ayeshatb – respectful, loyal & discretion

@75christmasbaby – 1. Sincere 2. Protective 3. Bold

@RoRo_O – wise, patient, kind

@snodazer – nice. confident. charming.

@Bob_Larson – Attentive, Kind, & Chivalrous

@warmerthanmost – courteous, conscientious, and sincere (truthfully sincere)

@bibman1 – polite, prompt, practical

@AmyLouJohnson1 – honest, gallant, strong

@greenbayitalian – attentive, well-mannered, and forgiving

@joydoss – cultured, chivalrous, well-groomed

@lenoaz – thoughtful, respectful, introspective

@VanFan30 – man of honor

@ceslessness – character over charisma

@goodgurlone – Kind, Compassionate, Giving

@Dhali_wal – bigger than himself

@BadgleyBruce – confident, polite and polished

@rogerkirkness – Humility, Values, Leadership

@CavemanCarlos – Always in control.

@reluctanthippie – Kind, honest, smart

@unrehearsed – compassionate, honest, confident

@BB2ley – only really need one, “respectful” if he is truly respectful, he encompasses all others including love

@NaturalBronze – integrity, selfless, considerate

@all_ashley29 – Intuitive – Tender – Confident

Until the next question, thanks for the responses!

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