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Fluencr Campaign: BowTie Cause for Autism

By April 15, 2013Partner News

Fluencr Campaign: Bowtie Cause for Autism:

Autism awareness month is almost over, we need your support now! Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 and has since grown into the nations largest autism science and advocacy organization. It’s dedicated to funding research into Autism’s causes, prevention, treatments and finding a cure. The BowTie Cause is supporting Autism Speaks this month and many other charities throughout the year with large portions of the funds generated by the sale of their BowTies. Help the BowTie Cause and Autism Speaks by telling your friends about the “Cause” and the BowTie behind it! For more info about BowTie Cause checkout www.Bowtiecause.com.

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