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Giving Back vs. Giving

By March 19, 2013Latest from BowTie

Here at BowTie Cause, we tend to say that we participate in the business of “giving” rather than “giving back”.  While both phrases seem synonymous, we believe that being in the business of giving means we intend to be integrated with the communities we support.

We love partnering with organizations that do not just give financially, but also with time, resources and bring consistent awareness to a cause they’re passionate about.  That is, to us, the essence of giving.

Every partner we have had the opportunity to work with has impressed us beyond measure with their boundless love of humanity.  Not only do they raise funds for their organizations, they are also working face-to-face with their community — locally, nationally and beyond!  This type of limitless dedication to giving makes what we do, though perhaps small in measure, feel incredibly fulfilling.

How do you feel about giving versus giving back?


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