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National BowTie Day 2013

By August 28, 2013Latest from BowTie


We can barely contain ourselves today! We’ve made great strides since last year in connecting with more incredible organizations to create BowTies for their cause!

In honor of our BowTie Nation’s continued support, we’re GIVING AWAY BOWTIES ALL DAY TODAY!!!

Post the hashtag #NationalBowTieDay & tag @BowTie on Twitter and/or Facebook and you will be entered to WIN 1 of 10 BowTies we’re giving away today!!!

We will ALSO give a FREE BowTie from now until Friday, August 30th to any one who connects BowTie Cause with anew partner organization interested in designing their very own BowTie!!!


  1. Email: Amanda@BowTieCause.Org
  2. Include (1) Organization name (2) Contact name (3) Contact email and / or phone number
  3. Hit SEND & receive a BowTie Cause BowTie!

Start sharing, start supporting, start Rockin’ the BowTie!


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