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National BowTie Day

By August 28, 2012Latest from BowTie

28 August 2012

About two years ago, we finished our third BowTie, which was for an event that LIVESTRONG hosted in Philadelphia called the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly. It was Dhani’s first keynote as a LIVESTRONG Global Envoy and we really didn’t know what to expect. However, we did know that Kunta would be there and that was good enough.

I can recall that Dhani was nervous about what he was going to say, and on the flight from Cincy to Philly, we talked quite a bit about what he wanted the speech to be about. It was ironic, because the Bengals had played the Eagles the night before and Dhani made an effort to both play in the game and then wake up early the next morning to catch a flight to Philly for the event.

Upon arrival, he visited the Abramson Cancer Center (video) with Lance Armstrong and then we went to the appreciation dinner that night.

Like I stated before, we didn’t know what to expect but what happened was nothing short of amazing. At the dinner, we met many different survivors, some in remission and some still battling. The whole experience hit me about three months later when I got the news that one of the people we met had lost their battle to cancer.

It reminded me of a quote from James G. March…”All our hopes are minor, except to us; but some things matter because we choose to make them matter.”

On August 21st of 2010, we had the pleasure to see what mattered to LIVESTRONG, and it was invigorating. There is nothing more powerful than bearing witness, and that is what we did. From the lesson of a yellow band to the realization of a yellow BowTie, we were able to understand the power of connecting and the power of sharing stories that resonated with people to provide hope.

So here we are on National BowTie Day…about 75 BowTies later, we are grateful for our partnerships and relationships. As an organization, we strive to be what LIVESTRONG has become…a beacon of hope, a voice for the voiceless, and an entity that supports people who want to make a difference.

If there is anything we can embrace and do on National BowTie Day, it is supporting something greater than ourselves. It is understanding that we can all make a difference, we can all be the change, and most importantly, we can all choose to provide hope.

Happy National BowTie Day.

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