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Passing the BowTie

By February 28, 2013Latest from BowTie

As a kid, I moved every three years of my life because my father was a Chaplain in the Air Force, and we all know that history has a crazy way of repeating itself.

Almost three years after the launch of BowTie Cause, the time is right to move again and pass the BowTie torch onto others that have the same passion for making a difference…one BowTie at a time.

Since designing and creating that first BowTie for JDRF in May 2010, Dhani, Kunta and I have shared a ton of unforgettable memories that I won’t soon forget. In the process, I also had the chance to experience the great energy of Cincinnati, meeting awesome people that have turned into great friends along the way.

Dhani and I first met at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it’s back to Arkansas I go to work with some great people in the field of education.

Impossible to put into words the fulfillment I’ve received from being part of an idea that started as “Bow Ties For A Cause” and has now turned into a great organization called @BowTieCause. The journey has been amazing, no doubt, and I exit with Dhani’s words…”To The Future.”



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