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Passion, Purpose & Prototypes

By July 4, 2012Latest from BowTie

We’ve had the great opportunity to partner with so many great non-profit organizations around the country and hope to partner with more going forward. Taking a look back, we feel confident that we started in the right place, via passion.

As we look forward, we know it is with good intent, via purpose.

But the words of passion and purpose seem to get thrown around all the time as of late and what really makes us go is the prototype.

When we meet, we talk a lot about passion and purpose, which definitely leads to significant discussion / constructive arguments. However, nothing is more telling than producing a prototype. Whether it be a BowTie, a rendering, or presentation…we need to have something to reference…not just conversation, but action.

When you have that prototype in front of you, the conversation goes to a different place, a higher place, because you can discuss how you might change it.

Passion and purpose are essential to discuss, but prototypes get you to talk about what’s next…what will become…and then you see the product.

Although many of us live in the passion and purpose world, it is important to produce…thus, the prototype takes us to another level.

And of course…as I type, I am waiting on prototypes of pocket squares to match the respective BowTie designs…can’t wait to see them. I’m sure it will lead to more discussion with Mr. Jones…which is a good thing.

So, as we embrace the value of passion and purpose, we also know that without prototypes, it is all just conversation…and with that, I must answer the door as my FedEx package has arrived.

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