The American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays. We are working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. We do this by helping people with cancer to get well, helping those who have not been diagnosed stay well, finding cures through lifesaving research, and by providing those who have been touched by cancer with a way to fight back against the disease.

The American Cancer Society knows that people with cancer questions or concerns need the latest information in order to better understand the disease and to make informed decisions about prevention and cancer care. We provide that information through our cancer information center. We offer medical content that is accurate and reviewed annually and updated whenever new medical information becomes available. Our Cancer Information Specialists are there via phone, online chat, and email to provide personalized information to each caller to ensure they understand and can use the information and resources we provide. Printed materials are also available to patients and caregivers through our online bookstore.

The American Cancer Society also provides educational programs in local communities for students, teachers, worksites, and community groups. Through these programs we help people learn how they can prevent cancer, or detect it early sot hat it can be treated successfully.

We also fund the research that saves lives and creates improved treatment options for those facing cancer. We have funded 49 researchers early in their careers who have gone on to win the Nobel Prize for their research.

And we are there to provide you with a way to fight back against the disease. Whether its organizing a team for your local Relay for Life event, stepping out for an evening of dinner and dancing at the Striders’ Ball, lacing up your tennis shoes to fight breast cancer, or donating your time and talents to help those who are currently battling cancer, we provide hope for those who have been touched by cancer.

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