Having always seen a need for children to have an “extra push,” Sheryl McClung Garner founded Envision Children. While her two daughters were in elementary school, Sheryl searched for a summer program that would be a full-day, fun, affordable, and enriching academic experience that her girls could attend. In not finding one, Sheryl began her own academic summer enrichment program, and thus, Envision Children was born.

After the summer program’s huge success, Envision Children began to offer year-round enrichment services in the form of Saturday programs that are intensive and interactive math and science sessions geared for grades 2 through 7, as well as extend day tutoring in mathematics and reading.

Seeing the academic success of our youth and believing that all children can learn, Envision Children’s vision was crafted: To impact students’ academic culture so dramatically, that education will become a top priority in each student’s life.

This vision is successfully accomplished through the organization’s daily mission: To engage students in real life learning where students see how their education benefits them through interactive and fun educational activities.

For more information about Envision Children, please visit envisionchildren.org.