On November 15, 2004, Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty and Specialist John Gallina were serving on active duty with their North Carolina National Guard Unit in northwest Iraq. This day was different than the past 10 months of patrols, as Dale, John, and two others barely escaped with their lives when their Humvee was destroyed after triggering two anti-tank landmines. Dale lost both legs below the knee, and John suffered head and back injuries.

After a year of recovery, Dale learned to walk again on prosthetic legs and retired from the Army. John and Dale soon recognized the unmet, under-served needs that millions of Veteran families face every day. They formed Purple Heart Homes as a way to turn tragedy into not only a healing therapy for themselves, but a tangible benefit for those who served our country with honor, yet remain in conflict with their injuries in their own homes.

With the millions of Americans who have committed their lives to serving in our military, it is without question that they have some of the most dangerous jobs. Because of their commitments, they are often exposed to injury, illness, and life changing circumstances. Purple Heart Homes’ mission and founding purpose is to create safe, barrier-free living environments for Service Connected Disabled Veterans. Homes often need small repairs or changes made to them to allow the veteran to continue to live safely with their family.

In addition, as one population that we are truly indebted to, Purple Heart Homes is changing the way our society views veterans. These needs are not relegated to two wars in the past decade, but to a worldwide commitment that our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard have lived for generations. Supporting Purple Heart Homes is supporting your grandfathers, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters because all veterans should be able to live in a safe home.

For more information about Purple Heart Homes, please visit purplehearthomesusa.org.