Did you know that before you finish reading this page, someone in our nation will experience a heart attack? In that same amount of time, another person will be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

According to the United Health Foundation, Kentucky was the 48th worst state for heart attacks and 49th worst state for cardiovascular disease in 2012. Friends, parents, siblings, spouses and children are falling victim to cardiovascular-related deaths at an alarming rate. At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we believe these individuals deserve better.

They deserve the best care available anywhere — care built to meet the needs of patients and the growing cardiovascular needs of our community. Care provided by the community for the community. Care that works to reverse the trends, change the statistics for our region, and save the lives of our loved ones.

The St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute is committed to providing community education, screening, and prevention, as well as life-saving research that will improve patient outcomes, and the world-class care these patients deserve. It is those commitments that will help the Institute reach its goal of reducing heart attacks and heart attack-related deaths in Northern Kentucky by 25 percent over the next 10 years.

For more information about the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute, please visit stelizabeth.com.