The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is dedicated to making the world a richer place in ways that truly matter. A moment of joy in the theater, a better understanding of history or literature through the arts, and a song you cannot stop humming are small examples of how the arts can spur a child’s learning process to new heights, creating a world that is more interesting, more accessible, and utterly fascinating. Helping a child have this experience is the goal that drives The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Each year, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati contributes to the vibrancy and cultural vitality of our region by providing nearly 150,000 children and their families with arts-exposure opportunities through performances, workshops, and art-making experiences. For thousands of children, the organization’s programs are their first professional “arts encounter.” Children’s Theatre seeks to plant the seed for ongoing artistic engagement which blossoms as these children return for another program, or as they become patrons of other arts organizations.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s mission is to educate, entertain, and engage its young audiences through professional theatrical productions and arts education programming. This is accomplished through three primary programs:

MainStage at the Taft Theatre: Children’s Theatre welcomes 85,000 children, teachers, and family members, including students from approximately 235 schools across the Tri-state, to one of their four family-friendly, professional musical theater productions at the historic Taft Theatre.

ArtReach: The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati will see more than 60,000 children and their families at one of their 200+ touring performances or during an arts integration workshop or residency.

Learning the Craft: More than 250 children will be provided with fine arts instruction, including the group that participates in the four-week intensive STAR Program, where Children’s Theatre offers professional musical theatre training to some of the region’s most talented youth.

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