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Government funding for cancer research has been flat in recent years, despite the fact that one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Having raised more than $82 million in its first six years, Pelotonia is making unprecedented strides in filling this gap.

Founded in 2008 as a grassroots bike tour with One Goal End Cancer, Pelotonia has quickly become more than just a one-weekend-a-year event in Columbus, Ohio. Today, it is a nationally recognized brand and social movement still field by its unwavering mission to end cancer thought innovative research and patient care.

Unique in its approach, Pelotonia’s primary core value is that 100% of every rider-rasied dollar goes directly to cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. The impact of these dollars is already evident, as Pelotonia funds are invested in young scientists, high risk ideas, and clinical trials from which numerous breakthroughs have already been made.

The word “Pelotonia” is derived from the root word, “peloton,” which is a team of riders working together to increase speed and efficiency. The more people who join the Pelotonia movement, the faster and more efficiently we will put an end to cancer.

Whether you ride, “virtually” ride, donate, volunteer, or buy and proudly wear Pelotonia gear, there is no greater satisfaction than engaging with the Pelotonia community and seeing your efforts have a direct impact on the lives of people all over the world.

The Pelotonia arrow logo is a symbol of the forward progress the organization has made and will continue to make in the movement to end cancer. Pelotonia refuses to move in any direction but forward, urging us all to pay close attention to the direction of the arrows when tying on a limited edition Pelotonia scarf. Pelotonia wants everyone to understand that they will continue to press forward until the glorious day when cancer is conquered and their One Goal has been achieved.

With your purchase of a scarf, you are not only raising awareness, but $10 will be donated to Pelotonia.

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  • 100% printed silk
  • Made in the USA
  • Dry clean only
  • Size: 36″ x 36″

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