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Rep’ Your School. Rock the BowTie

By August 20, 2013Latest from BowTie

Do you hear that?  That is the sound of college students milling back into the educational halls of their respective colleges and universities…

Now is the time for textbooks, study hall, and college football!

We can think of no better way to bring on the school spirit with your school’s very own BowTie!  We’ve partnered with these great universities and

LiveBIG – Big Ten Universities

University of Cincinnati

University of Toledo

University of Michigan


Show your support for your college and alma mater by rockin’ the BowTie proudly!!!! Show ‘em how its done!

Find all the LiveBIG BowTies here!

Get your University of Cincinnati BowTie here!

Purchase your University of Toledo BowTie!

Rock your University of Michigan BowTie proudly by clicking here!


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