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Self Awareness and Improvement

By September 4, 2014Latest from BowTie

September is NATIONAL Self Awareness & Self Improvement Month.

Self Awareness, by definition, is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. 

Simply put, being confident in your individuality.

Separating yourself from the pack and recognizing your own, special individuality is part of what rockin’ a BowTie Cause BowTie is about.  What is it that calls you, propels you?  Have you identified who you are?  That is a journey that, for many, takes a lifetime.  While for others, is solidified in an instant.

Where ever you are on your journey of Self Awareness and Improvement, we offer you the opportunity to share that through a BowTie.  This September, receive 10% off ANY BowTie Cause BowTie in honor of Self Awareness & Improvement month.


Use code SELF10 to apply your discount during check out and share your Self Awareness & Improvement story with us!



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