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The Era of The “Humblebrag”

By June 18, 2013Latest from BowTie

Ladies and gents, we now live in a world of false modesty.  A place where, if a person is proud of their achievements, possessions, successes, it must be couched with a phony sense of humility.

“I can’t believe I just ate a $500 meal!”

“I can never find a parking spot to fit my (insert luxury car here)!”

“Looking forward to relaxing after this company trip…to the Bahamas..”

We have all heard these attempts at cloaking an out and out brag.  Search the #Humblebrag on twitter and you’ll find them in droves!

In short, a #Humblebrag is rarely, if ever, ‘humble’.

But we do not turn our nose up at this practice, but rather, we would like to change the tone of conversation…

And that is what we do with our partners when designing BowTies.  To create a narrative for supporters to ‘brag’ about.

“Started volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House at 15.  And I rock the BowTie to continue my support of the charity.  I love helping make a difference for these families”.

No, its not tectonic shift, but its perceptible and we’ll take that!


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