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To The Future…

By July 4, 2012Latest from BowTie

When we launched BowTie Cause at the JDRF Gala in Cincinnati two years ago, we really didn’t know we were “launching”. The goal that night was to create meaningful conversation about Juvenile Diabetes though the design of a BowTie. As a by-product, we also hoped to raise money by selling the signature JDRF BowTies.

It was midnight and $17,000 later that we discussed what just happened. I asked Dhani how he thought it went, and he was pretty much speechless. It led to the idea and question of…how do we do this for more organizations?

Since May 8th 2010, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with over 60 non-profit organizations around the country and it has been an incredible journey. However, we believe the best is yet to come.

Have we had growing pains? Most definitely. We are still growing and learning but we make sure to always stay true to the original goal of creating conversation. Although it may seem trivial, we do believe that conversation leads to action, which leads to raising money that makes a difference.

So we look to the future and hope to partner with many more organizations that are doing great work. We hope to scale and create avenues of conversation that provide meaning in many more lives.

In all reality, we hope to keep “launching” while staying committed to creating conversation about causes that are effective and sustainable. As Dhani would say, “I want the BowTie to become an international symbol of conversation.”

Let’s talk the talk, walk the walk, and rock a BowTie to be that catalyst for conversation.

To The Future.


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