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What’s Cool?

By May 1, 2013Latest from BowTie

BowTie wearers frequently find themselves defending the awesome neck wear.  We’re not sure who decided to put the BowTie in the infamous ‘geeky’ file, but we like to think of ourselves as cool, really cool

Sure, Steve Urkel may have been known as the ‘geek’ during his Family Matters days. But, if memory serves, he invented a way to clone himself and now his style is worn by hipsters everywhere! Ahead of the times?  THAT is pretty cool!


Bill Nye The Science Guy wears a BowTie.  He may be an authority in a field that has the reputation of being ‘uncool’, but he has us all understanding the subtle nuances of molecular formulas..in a fun way! Cool.


The Pringles guy has been rockin’ the BowTie since the 60’s! Yeah, his hair is a little unkempt, the mustache a bit overgrown, but take a look at that perfectly tied BowTie!  COOL.


What do you consider cool? Besides a BowTie, of course!


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