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Why Partners Love BTC!

By September 4, 2013Latest from BowTie

Every now and then someone poses this question to us:

Why do organizations design a BowTie with your company?

Of course, its asked in the most curious (& supportive way), however we understand that people are curious as to how and why partners work with us!

For brevity’s sake, we’ll focus on the why part, for now.   The top THREE reasons organizations partner with us are:

  1. Organizations are able to create a design that is truly representative of their organization and cause.  BowTie Cause does not have a one-size-fits-all mentality.  We believe in having distinguishable designs for each of our partner organizations!
  2. Our partners are able to use the BowTie as a fundraising tool. Besides the fact that BowTies are cool, we want our partners to be able to generate funds for their specially designed BowTies!  The BowTie provides an excellent platform to raise funds and generate awareness at the same time!
  3. Our specially designed BowTies create ongoing awareness for our partners just by being BowTies.  Many of our organizations find that their BowTies sell well not just with their own supporters, but also among all BowTie Cause fans!  Because we promote and sell our partner’s BowTies online, we, along with those who continue to rock your organization’s BowTie, help spread awareness for your cause!

Check out our list of Partners

Know an organization that would love to start their BowTie design?  Contact us today!


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