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The Process

Our mission is to generate awareness – and funds – for organizations that make a difference.
We accomplish this by telling the story of your organization through the design, creation and promotion of a signature BowTie.

Narrative Formation

Your organization works with a BowTie Cause Account Executive to develop the story that you want told through the design of your BowTie. We also use this story to create your StoryCard that is included with your BowTie.


Your organization collaborates with our designer. From the initial designs, we can make edits and changes to achieve the desired signature BowTie design.

Fabric Sample Review

From your selected design, a fabric sample is sent to your organization for review and final color selection.


Your organization’s BowTie is made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City.

BowTie Delivery

Your organization’s BowTies are shipped directly from our manufacturer to your office or location of your event.

Ongoing Promotion

Not only will our Account Executives contribute ideas as to how best utilize your BowTie at your event but your BowTie will have a presence on the BowTie Cause website.

The typical timeline is 12-14 weeks from the initial idea to the receipt of your signature BowTies.
Contact us today and get Tied to a Cause!

Organizational Representation

Every BowTie comes specially packaged including bow tying instructions and a custom storycard, which incorporates your organization’s narrative, logo, website and Twitter handle.

BowTie Cause will order additional BowTies to be sold on the BowTie Cause website and will take on the cost to fulfill this inventory. BowTie Cause will then donate 25% of the profit from the online sale of each BowTie to the respective organization.


Added Value through Partnership


Each organization’s story will be included on the BowTie Cause website with a URL linking to the the organization’s website.


Social media will be utilized to promote all partnering organizations.


Each signature design will be entered into the BowTie Challenge. The winning BowTie will be worn by Ken Rosenthal at the World Series.